Why Every (Small) Business Needs IT Support

From startups working at the kitchen table to massive corporations with employees around the world, the digital age is here.  No matter the business, computers are the heart and soul of an operation.  Client lists, purchase orders, accounting information.  Across the spectrum, your computer is the backbone of your company.

Unfortunately, many smaller companies hear ‘IT support’ and think it is something reserved only to those giant corporate entities that can afford entire IT departments.

Did you know there are affordable options for businesses of all sizes?  Read on to learn the reasons you should contact a company to provide you IT support today.

Computers Break

Let’s face it, computers are not perfect.  No matter what new model you might purchase, a computer will run into issues over time.

Do you have a mechanic you know and trust?  Your car mechanic will solve problems quickly as they arise and, hopefully, take preventative action when appropriate.

With enough time and research you might be able to do these things yourself.  However, in complicated situations it is usually best to have a professional on your side.

For these same reasons, you should hire IT Professionals to assist you with your computers needs.

Computer repair concept

Saves Money

Many small businesses try to solve their computer problems on their own.  This can often take hours of research or troublesome calls with the manufacturer.

This is time they should be working!

Instead of making money by using your computer, you’re wasting time and energy (and money) just trying to get back to business.

Having a Help Desk Service gives you the opportunity to have a technician you know and trust working for you in an instant.

Because they are professionals with experience in most situations, they will be able to correct your issue in a very brief amount of time.  Additionally, since they are already familiar with your computers they should know what is NOT the problem, saving more time and getting you back to work quickly.


Everyone wants their information to be secure.  With the fear of online theft becoming more and more commonplace, businesses need to protect themselves.

Having a Managed Service Provider can help you keep you files safe in multiple ways.

A good support company will make sure you have all the right hardware and software to protect yourself properly.  This will give you a first line of defense from letting a virus or intruder get into your computer.

Also, your IT provider will set up a monitoring system so that if something strange happens, they will be alerted immediately.  This has the additional bonus of being notifying them when a program needs to be updated.

A Managed Service Provider will also be on the lookout for new phishing scams and will keep you aware of the best methods for protecting yourself.

Top view of business man hands working on laptop or tablet pc on wooden desk.

In conclusion, when dealing with the computers that keep your business thriving, it is important to have a professional to keep things always running as smoothly as possible.  Your IT Support Professionals can save you money while keeping you secure.

Computers can be very intimidating, and it will be a relief to have a professional technician at your side if and when you run into an issue you cannot resolve.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at support@priorityitworks.com or leave a comment below.  Also, make sure to follow one or all of our social media accounts to receive alerts when tech news breaks.

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Jason Mandresh


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