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With the growth of computers in our everyday lives, internet security becomes more and more important each year.

However, security breaches do happen.

Even the biggest companies can have slip ups, and today we will look at some of the largest American Companies to be breached in 2019.


Here are the biggest security breaches of the past year:

Adobe – 7.5 million records stolen

Canva – 140 million records stolen

Capital One – 106 million records stolen

DoorDash – 5 million records stolen

Facebook (3 Breaches) – a total of 808.5 million records stolen

First American Corporation – 885 million records stolen

This is just a group of the most high-profile American companies to have their data breached. The truth is there are dozens of other companies who have had many more millions of records taken.


Generally, this information leads to one of two thoughts.

The first is, “I’m too small, they’d never come after me.”

Unfortunately, this is not the case. While top-of-the-line hackers wouldn’t consider a small business worth their time, amateurs often find small, unsecure networks as easy pickin’s.

This leads to the second thought: helplessness.

“If Facebook can’t protect itself, what hope do I have?”

Luckily, small businesses generally carry significantly less data and therefore are easier to protect.

Of course, this is much easier if you have the support of a knowledgeable IT staff checking to make sure all of your bases are covered. Now, we are an IT company, so we are clearly biased, but the fine people here at Priority IT Works recommend that every company, of all sizes, find a good IT Support system to make sure they and their clients are well protected.

If you are prepared to bring a new IT team in to assist your company, please consider contacting us at Priority IT Works. We build networks, offer helpdesk support and create strong security protocols for businesses across the Greater Syracuse Region.

We look forward to computing with you! 


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