7 Tips For IT Support Shopping

A managed services company provides many services to keep a business’s computers running effectively and securely.  However, determining what is important in selecting your IT provider can be confusing and frustrating.  We hope a review of the information here will help clarify some of the important options to look for when searching for a computer services company you trust.

IT support can take many forms

Types of Support

The managed services provider you work with should offer both on-site and off-site support.

Having a help desk is the most important assistance they can provide.  Often the help desk can resolve issues immediately.  This remote support is can be provided while on the phone or through your company’s messaging program.

Additionally, your technicians should have multiple ways to be reached.  You should have the ability to contact them through phone, email, and a ticketing system.

On-site network administration is also helpful for an IT company.  Sometimes when an issue arises it concerns the equipment you have in house.  If your technician can come to your location in a timely fashion it could mean the difference between hours and days without your system.

You can usually choose support from a few tiered options

Tiered Support

Choosing a company that works for you is important.  One of the first things to look for with a managed services provider is tiered support.  They should consider things such as the number of computers you have, the size of your network, the type of business you run, and the number of hours of help you might need each week/month when determining you service plan.

cloud services are important for saving time and money

Cloud Services

Most managed service companies offer cloud based options.  The cloud has come a long way in the last few years and you can now preform many tasks that used to only be done in house.

Make sure that your provider offers services such as real-time back ups, cloud-based networking, and virtual machines.  This give you the opportunity to save money on hardware while simultaneously adding security to your used and stored data.

Your provider can assist you with special projects

Project Support

Sometimes special circumstances come around that need more time and attention than standard IT services.  Whether building a website, installing a point of sale system, migrating to the cloud, or outfitting a conference room, it is wise to choose a company that can assist you with these features on a project by project basis.  Since these instances are less common, paying for them as they arise may be more beneficial than working them into your monthly contract.

your MSP can help you make the correct purchases

Purchasing and Imaging

A computer services business who can do your purchasing for you is a great idea.  In most cases they get bulk rates from manufacturers which can save you money.  They also know your system, so they can easily choose the devices that mix best with your network and suite your needs.

It is also good to make sure your technicians provide a process known as imaging.  Imaging can be thought of as taking a copy of your company’s standard computer setup and loading it onto new devices.  This can speed up the time of setting up a new computer while making sure the new machine has all the same programs and information as the others.

you can count on your IT provider for emergency assistance

Emergency Response

When IT support shopping, make sure that your IT provider has a 24-hour emergency response system in place.  You never know when you might have an emergency.  Make sure you ask to see if there is an additional fee for these services as most managed service companies operate primarily during normal business hours.  If your schedule operates outside of normal business hours, speak to the IT provider.  They will often work out a deal that can benefit both businesses.

trust is the most important part of any b2b agreement


As with any company you choose to to business with, having trust in your managed service provider is essential.  This is especially important because some computer issues can take quite a long time for even the most experience technician to resolve.  If you do not trust your support team to be working their hardest for you, it may feel like you are being blown off.  Having trust with your provider will leave you at ease that, though a problem is taking some time to correct, they are working hard for you.

A managed service provider has many services they can assist you with.  Refer to the list above when IT support shopping to make sure you cover all the basic questions you might have.  If you need any other information, please leave a comment or contact us a support@priorityitworks.com.

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