The Internet of Things is slowly beginning to pervade every aspect of our lives.

Keeping up with these changes can be daunting, so over here at Priority IT Works we will be updating you on new and interesting products that might affect you directly.

For starters, today we will be looking at Wi-Fi BBQ grills.


Like most interconnected Wi-Fi products, the several companies are issuing grills which use an app to connect with on your phone.

What makes these Wi-Fi BBQ grills so fascinating is how directly they use the internet to assist with the task at hand.

The Traeger series of WiFire Grills, for example, allow you to choose from an extensive list of recipes.  Then, you are alerted if you need more fuel to make the entire dish.

Furthermore, these grills automatically control the temperature inside, accounting for the times you pop the top to take a peek at your delicious meats.

How They Help You

Wi-Fi grills step further into the Internet of Things by how they bring you together with their mechanics.

You will receive notifications when it is time to flip, season and remove the tasty treats you are cooking up. This combination of man + machine is just the type of thing swinging us into the Digital Age.

With Wi-Fi grills, you can still have that BBQ good time without any concern that your favorite foods will come out tasting anything less than perfect.

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