Hitting the Road with Travel Tech

It’s the holiday season, and many people will be hitting the road to celebrate with family and friends.

That means packing your bag, getting in the car, and running into tech troubles.

This list cobbles together three important investments to make before you travel.

All of these travel tech products can be found for as little as $5 and go up in price indefinitely.

Portable Charger

Also known as Power Packs, a Portable Charger is a carry along battery that you can plug your mobile phone into when you’re running out of juice.

These are great to have with you all the time, just in case, but especially in a house full of people where outlets seem to be claimed rather quickly.

Just don’t forget, you must charge the charger before you hit the road.

Extra Charging Cable

Chords, wires, cables…whatever they are called in your household, you use them all the time.

Think about how often you plug your phone in for some of that sweet, sweet power. What’s going to happen if you lose yours at grandma’s house? Or worse, what if it gets destroyed? (Take it from me, it happens. You run into the wrong cat ant that thing is chewed to bits).

Grab another cable and pack it in another spot that the first. You don’t want to lose them both at the same time!



OK, you’re going to visit family to talk to your family, but we all have our own routines. Sometimes, something as simple as watching your favorite show before bed can be extremely comforting.

Perhaps you want to watch a show while others are sleeping. Or perhaps you need a quick fix of the day’s news without your uncle shouting about conspiracy theories.

Spend a few minutes in your own little world by popping on your headphones or earbuds.

Bonus: Nightlight

This one is for the parents out there.

It might not be considered tech, but the most important thing you can pack for a trip with children is a nightlight.

A kid who would otherwise wake up briefly, roll over and go back to sleep will scream for their lives in the pitch black.

Bring a nightlight.

You’re welcome.

Priority IT Works

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