The Benefits of Buying Refurbished Computers

When purchasing new computers, a buyer has so many companies and designs to look through that things can get very confusing.  Often, the idea of investing in refurbished computers gets overlooked.

At first, he sound of the word ‘refurbish’ might take on a negative connotation.  The truth is, however, that a refurbished computer can provide all the same services as a new one with some added benefits.

Let’s take a look:

Refurbished Computer

What Does Refurbished Mean?

A refurbished computer is a ‘used’ computer that has been scrubbed clean of previous data, rebuilt, and tested to be in ‘like new’ condition.  In fact, it would be more accurate to call a refurbished computer ‘pre-owned’ than ‘used.’

The majority of refurbished computers were returned to the manufacturer after a buyer has changed their mind about which device they really wanted.   Purchasing a computer on craigslist, on the other hand, usually comes from a seller who has used the device for a long time and has additional issues.

Once a computer is returned, and the box has been opened, this device is now ‘used’ and needs refurbishing.

Run Tests

Are Refurbished Computers Less Reliable Than New?

Actually, refurbished computers may be more reliable than new ones.

Since a refurbished device need to be scrubbed and rebuilt, they are put through extreme tests to make sure they are ‘as good as new.’

A refurbished device can be counted on to be in working order better than a computer fresh off the assembly line because of all the testing it undergoes.


But what about the warranty?

Refurbished computers that are purchased straight from the manufacturer will usually come with the same warranty as a new computer.

Furthermore, most third party refurbishers will guarantee their work in some way.  Even buying a refurbished device off eBay will come with a 30-day return policy.

Just make sure the policies of the company you purchase from are clear.


And The Price…

The last thing to mention about refurbished computers is also the first thing most people care about…the price.

Purchasing a refurbished computer will save you significant money.  A refurbished computer could save you between 10% and 35% over a new one.



In conclusion, you can save money buy purchasing a refurbished computer.

It will operate like a new computer.  Sure there might be a scratch or two but It can be counted on as reliable.  Chances are it will even include a warranty.

As a managed service provider we have dealt with refurbished (and refurbished ourselves) computers many times.

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