In today’s modern culture, all businesses use computers to a certain extent.

With this comes the risk of attack from hackers. While there are many fashions by which hacks might take place, the most common is through the theft of passwords.

There are several ways a hacker might use passwords to access your system, but today we are going to look at an easy way to check if you are exposed.

All you need to do is visit the free, easy to use website

I’ll note here that Priority IT Works is not in any way affiliated with We don’t know them and they most certainly don’t know us.

They simply have a service that we use frequently and feel you should too.

What is Pwned?

Ok, let’s clear this up. Pwned is a fake word that came around a few years back in the online gaming community.

It basically is a slang term used to humiliate a defeated opponent.

As such, it has been taken up by hackers. offers several helpful services you should take advantage of.

They do this by compiling lists of breached companies, hacked email addresses and stolen passwords.

Taking ten minutes on this page can alert you to any exposure of your private information. It will also set you on the path to correcting any issues.

Hacked Emails

When you get to haveibeenpwned, the homepage has a search bar.

Just type in your email address and it will tell you whether or not that email has a possible breach. You may then make a change to your password which is the first step to reestablishing your security.

Stolen Passwords

If you go to the Passwords page on haveibeenpwned, you can type in any password to see how often it shows up as being stolen.

You might be surprised at how unsecure your passwords are.

I’ll be honest, this page can be a lot of fun. We like to gather the office around one computer and see which passwords are the most exposed.

We recommend you do the same with your company (don’t worry, your coworkers cannot see what you type).


The best way to avoid any trouble based on what you find out on haveibeenpwned is by changing your password.

From there, you have a myriad of options to further secure yourself and your business.

If you have any more question, please feel free to contact us at Priority IT Works at 1-800-480-9109 or at