There are hundreds of different types of computers out there. Every person and business have a device that is just right for them, they just need to find it.

Depending on your goals, you might want a laptop or a desktop.

We here at Priority IT Works happen to be big fans of the Microsoft Surface family of computers. In today’s article, we will discuss who the Surface is best for and some of the reasons why. We’ll also note who the Surface might not benefit and suggest some other options for those in that scenario.

What is the Surface?

The Microsoft Surface series of devices are light-weight computers with touch screen capabilities.

Most of the Surface models have detachable keyboards which allows them to work as a tablet. You can use your fingers and/or a pen to create on the screen.

The biggest bonus for the Surface family is how easy they are to travel with due to their weight.

Additionally, the Surface does not sacrifice computing power in order to bring the user its many conveniences. Quite the opposite, actually, as the Surface runs on the same processor as standard Microsoft laptops.

Versatile at its Core

tablet girl
A Surface can be used on the go, wherever you need it.

Perhaps the nicest part of the Microsoft Surface is its versatility.

Though its size and weigh make it extremely easy to transport, its many features make it beneficial for almost any situation. Since it can be used as a laptop or tablet (in most cases) the user is provided with a wide array of options.

If you’d like to use your fingertips, go ahead. If you want to write with a pen, you can do that also.

Furthermore, with the addition of a docking station, you can quickly and simply attach a Surface to one or more monitors. This will also seamlessly connect you to any network or external storage while simultaneously allowing you to charge.

Who is it for?

Office Suite
A Surface is convenient for any meeting.

The Microsoft Surface is a great computer for anyone who needs to run a business on the go.

Do you meet with clients and want to pull up charts and spreadsheets quickly while making a sale? This can be done on the Surface and placed in front of the customer without taking up a noticeable amount of space on their desk.

Do you travel constantly and need to pop off at random coffee shops twice a day to answer emails? Again, the Surface is the perfect companion as you can sit at a table with the keyboard out or slouch back on a couch and use the tablet mode.

Priority IT Works as an Example

young it engineer business man with thin modern aluminium laptop in network server room
Sometimes everyone needs to use a computer in a less-than-convenient place.

We at Priority IT Works find ourselves using the Surface in both aforementioned scenarios.  

We need our computers with us when we travel to clients for several reasons. Like most businesses, we want to be able to demonstrate to our customers what their issues are and how we’d recommend updates.

Additionally, we often need to access servers and networks directly from our devices. Frequently these systems are stuffed in a closet or underneath a desk.

With the Surface, our IT Professionals can climb into tricky areas, plug in, and get to work. This sort of action would be significantly more difficult with even a fractionally more cumbersome computer.

Another Example

Top view of business man hands working on laptop or tablet pc on wooden desk.
Mmm…coffee with work.

As for the coffee shop example, well, sometimes we need a break too. That doesn’t mean our clients won’t give us a ring while we enjoy a nice cup of joe.

Being the astute company that we are, we want to (and do) have the ability to access our customers’ devices remotely to provide Help Desk Services at any time and in any place.

With the Microsoft Surface, we can get to work immediately from whatever coffee shop/diner/rest stop we happen to be in at the time, so long as there is a half-decent internet connection (though, as an IT Company, we have accepted the extra cost of a hotspot as connecting to the internet from anywhere is an absolute must in our industry).

Who is the Surface NOT For?

Maybe the Surface isn’t for you?

While the Microsoft Surface is an all-encompassing computer, there are several situations which may warrant a different device.

The best example of this might be a restaurant. While the surface can easily fill any needs a restaurant owner may have, a more permanent desktop computer will most likely be the better bet for your cash register. Not only will this more properly fit your aesthetic, but certain desktops are specifically designed to work in conjunction with a cashbox.

Since the Surface is not a server, it should not be purchased with the intention of using it as the backbone of a network. Instead, it the Surface should be hooked into a larger network. Though we do recommend all businesses have a server, it would be wise to consider a device meant specifically for that purpose.


Bringing it all together.

The Microsoft Surface is a versatile computer who’s light weight makes it a great fit for anyone on the go.

If you are considering purchasing a Surface, feel free to contact us at 1-800-840-9109 or at with any question.

A Managed Services Provider is responsible for much more than simple computer purchases. If you are currently having issues with any device or are considering an overhaul to your network, please consider making Priority IT Works your trusted IT Support Team.