7 Effective Ways To Hide Computer Cables

Love your computer but hate having tangled wires hanging everywhere?

Concerned your clients will be put off by those unsightly cables popping out from behind your desk?

Well, you’re in luck. There are several ways to hide your computer wires and make your office look more organized. Here are seven methods you might want to try.

Zip Ties


Let’s begin with zip ties.

Simply pulling your loose wires together with zip ties can instantly make your room look neater. Then just zip the cables to the back of your desk and…poof…they’re gone.

Additionally, several of the techniques which follow use zip ties, so no matter which direction you go, be prepared to purchase a bundle.



Use a nice wicker basket (or other material of your choice) to place your chords in. A big enough basket can even hold your modem and router.

Place the basket close to or in front of your electrical socket. Run the wire for your surge protector through the handle of the basket and plug it in.

Just send the wires for all your devices through the basket handle and plug them back in (don’t forget to zip tie the excess chords). The set up might be the same, but the aesthetics are tremendously improved.



A box goes along the same lines as a basket, except it has a top to cover it.

If you decide to use a box to hide your cables, you will have to cut holes in the back to run the wires into. Additionally, you will most likely need to decorate the box to make sure it looks nice with your office.

The downside to going the box route is, of course, that you will need to take some time to ‘create’ it. But, if you have an hour or so to spare, this is a great idea.

It is also a versatile idea, as you can cut the holes where ever you need them to suit your space. For example, I have seen several interesting shoeboxes cut to allow phone charges of different sizes to pop out the front.

Multi-Prong Wall Mounts


A multi-prong wall mount may take several shapes, but generally they are surge protectors which simply added more plugs to a wall socket. What makes this so nice is that, unlike standard surge protectors, they do not sit on the ground.

If the majority of your wires are all connecting behind a desk, the multi-prong wall mount might be best for you. Simply plug in the wall mount and connect the wires to it. Zip tie your wires to remain tight behind your desk and there will no longer be unsightly chords all over the floor.


Another easy and affordable option for disappearing your unsightly wires is to wrap it in cloth.

Pick a cloth you like (either scraps from a sewing room or buy one you prefer) and wrap the wires inside. Secure with a zip tie/piece of rope/cut of the cloth and run it to the socket.

Your best bet is to get an off white so it blends in with the wall, however, if your office is full of color your can choose a cloth that makes the room pop.

Cable Hides

The standard method of hiding cables are, well, cable hides.

Cable hides are small poles which attach to the wall over top of your cables. These are neat, tidy, professional looking pieces that allow you to run wires all over your building yet prevent them from becoming an eyesore.

Cable hides are best for an office setting. We will often use these in tandem with freshly drilled holes to wire everything up while keeping a clean appearance.

Drillin’ Holes

The most effective was to hide cables is, of course, to run the wires through the wall.

Unfortunately, this is generally the type of task you’ll only want to do yourself if you have experience. While ethernet cables are usually not as dangerous as electric wires, there is still some risk.

If you’d like to hide your cables in the wall, I highly recommend calling an IT Professional to do the work. They have the combined experience of interior construction and network installation necessary for the task.

An IT Professional know all the appropriate safety measures to use. Also, they will limit the mess, cut down on installation time, and get it done right the first time.

If you decide to drill and hide cables in the wall, please consider making Priority IT Works your preferred IT Professionals. We will install the network quickly and leave your workspace as clean as (or cleaner than) you had it.

Feel free to give us a call at 1-800-480-9109 or send an email to support@priorityitworks.com