Many Americans love playing games.

From board games, to computer games, TV consoles and even on our phones, we love having fun.

But, have you considered the possibility of playing a game right in your car?

The Car’s a Console

Now, if you are anything like me, you might remember playing the old school Gameboy in the backseat while your parents drove to grandma’s house.

That’s not what we are talking about here. Starting this week, may automobile drivers will have the opportunity to play right from the driver’s seat.

Using the steering wheel of the car itself!!!

A Tesla Easter Egg

OK, lets calm down for a minute.

The only cars that will have this opportunity are Tesla vehicles.

Honestly, in a strange way, this makes sense. Tesla is the company at the cutting edge of electric vehicles as well as treating their cars like a computer, Internet of Things style. Why wouldn’t they make a game car?

This is attitude is why Tesla vehicles have a computer monitor front and center on the dashboard. Its that very same monitor which makes the gaming possible.

How It Works

This idea is more unique than just putting games in a car. Like I said, I was playing Gameboy in the backseat twenty years ago.

The truly astounding part of this is that the whole car becomes the console. A game car!

To activate the game car, your automobile must be placed in park. When you begin, the gas pedal is disabled.

The first game, Beach Buggy Racing 2, is a racing game which imports the make and model of your Tesla right on the screen.

To play, you actually use the real-life car’s steering wheel!!! Though, if you like, you can use a touch screen option. Furthermore, the game is two players, so your passenger can join you in the fun.

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