With the Galaxy Fold about to hit the market, let’s take a peek at the first two foldable smart phones.

What do you think, will you buy one?

The Fold

Samsung is preparing to release the Galaxy Fold, a foldable smartphone.

The Fold can let you use the internet on a screen which is almost the size of many tablets.

What’s the catch?

The Fold, well, folds. When you pick it up, the Fold seems like a regular smartphone (though the screen is a bit smaller than many of us have come to be used to).

When opened, this device turns into a mini-tablet right before your eyes. From this you get a wider screen with which you can surf the web, watch videos and do all those things you might like to see more clearly on your phone.

Mate X

The Fold is actually the foldable phone of this nature on the market.

The first, however, was Huawei’s Mate X. Though Huawei was recently banned in the United States, the Mate X seems to be superior to the Fold.

This largely stems from the two devices collapsing in different fashions.

While the Fold closes like a book, the Mate X swings backward. Although this can take some getting used to, it does not crease in the middle.

The Fold’s entire screen works but there is always a bit of a line down the middle. Your eyes might adjust and easily ignore it, but the crease is there.

Too Big?

Additionally, foldable phones take up a larger chunk of pocket space.

They open up to the width of two phone, so they are inherently larger. They equal about 1.5x what your current phone’s size is and, therefore, need a bit more real estate.

To be fair, this same argument was presented against the current trend in phones (which, if you remember, are significantly better than their predecessors).

Will You Buy One?

So, what do you think? Are you going to be getting a foldable phone soon?

Do you think it is a little too much and will prefer to stick with the current style of devices?

Do you believe they would be better off making tablets that fold closed as opposed to phones that open up?

Leave a note in the comments and let us know your opinion!