5G in Syracuse?

5G is coming to Syracuse!

It has the potential to make internet speeds and connectivity extraordinarily fast and seamless.

However, there is some debate as to its safety.

Let’s take a look at the arguments.

Smart City

Syracuse has already begun its efforts to establish itself as a ‘smart city,’ what has been called the Syracuse Surge.

You’ve probably seen the electric bikes stationed around town.

Mayor Ben Walsh, while pushing for these improvements, has become a champion of 5G and thanks to his efforts the city has approved a deal to install a 5G network throughout Syracuse.

This should improve internet speeds, enhance the Internet of Things and attract businesses to the area.

What is the Problem with That?

What is the problem with that?

Many city leaders have been arguing that development of a 5G network could potentially have adverse effects on the health of citizens.

Unfortunately, at this point, there is not sufficient evidence to determine whether or not this type of system has the potential to do harm to people.

It is worth noting that similar arguments were presented for everything from telegraphy wires to telephone lines to cellphone towers.

What do you Think?

Do you believe that Syracuse should upgrade to 5G?

Is it worth the risk of future studies determining that 5G has an adverse impact on health? Is there even a risk at all?

Let us know what you think!

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