Cloud Servers

The Cloud is the future.  With Cloud Servers, a business can access it’s information from anywhere while adding additional levels of security.

Real-Time Backups

Cloud-based backups have come a long way in a few years.

You can now keep your entire system backed up to the cloud. There is no longer a need to save cumbersome image files on a hard drive.

We can help you set up automatic Cloud backups.  You will never have to fear losing your data again.

Cloud-based Networking

Your server in the cloud.

We use programs like Microsoft Azure to setup your Cloud Servers. This allows you to easily scale your server to the size of your business.

Active directory, backups, pushed updates, and virus scans are all at your fingertips.

Virtual Machines

Browse the internet in complete safety, back up an entire operating system, or create a personal cloud computer.

Allow your employees to work from home without sending your equipment home with them.

Virtual Machines will let you access all of your information, from anywhere.

Scale as You Need

Cloud-based servers allow you to scale our services to fit your needs.

If you add new equipment, you can purchase a new server license and if you decommission equipment, you can remove licenses just as easily.

Cloud Servers fall under our Start to Finish Support policy, so we will make sure you are always using the Cloud to the fullest without any wasted spending.

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