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We at Priority IT Works understand how frustrating computer issues can be.  This Priority IT Blog has been created to alleviate some of the confusion people may have over the operations of their digital devices.

Our goal is to give you a more complete understanding of your systems.  This will make it easier for you to know when an issue arises if it is minor or serious.  It will also help your IT support technician resolve issues faster because you will be able to more accurately describe problems you run into.

Additionally, we will be using the Priority IT Blog to alert readers of any breaking news updates related to IT support and the computer industry in general.  Make sure you follow one of our social media platforms to receive announcements when we release a new article so you are able to keep up with this swiftly changing industry.

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Will You Buy A Foldable Phone?

With the Galaxy Fold about to hit the market, let’s take a peek at the first two foldable smart phones. What do you think, will you buy one? The Fold Samsung is preparing to release the Galaxy Fold, a foldable smartphone. The Fold can let you use the internet on a...

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Wi-Fi BBQ – Summertime Tech

The Internet of Things is slowly beginning to pervade every aspect of our lives. Keeping up with these changes can be daunting, so over here at Priority IT Works we will be updating you on new and interesting products that might affect you directly. For starters,...

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Why We Love The Microsoft Surface

There are hundreds of different types of computers out there. Every person and business have a device that is just right for them, they just need to find it. Depending on your goals, you might want a laptop or a desktop. We here at Priority IT Works happen to be big...

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WTF is a Firewall?

WTF is a Firewall? If you own a computer, you’ve probably wrangled with firewalls. You might have received an error message about Windows Firewall blocking a program. It’s also possible you had a program on your computer that needed to access your...

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Computer Network Basics

Computer Network Basics Even if you have fantastic IT support, it is always wise to be familiar with how your system works.  Network integration can be difficult to understand.  To make things easier, we will discuss here your computer network basics....

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What is IT Support?

What is IT Support? In the modern world, most businesses have a certain level of reliance on computers.  Unfortunately, computers still have unforeseen issues that arise from time to time.  Having an IT professional at your service is important for any...

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