Using Point-to-point to Connect Buildings

Do you have a garage or outbuilding that needs internet but don’t want to run wires across the property?

Great news! You can connect your exterior building to your current network wirelessly.

This can be done by setting up a point-to-point system.

How It Works

A point-to-point system is any communications connection that sends information from one ‘endpoint’ (or ‘node’) to another.

Technically, if you connect two computers with a wire, that is considered a basic point-to-point network.

However, wireless point-to-point networks can also be created using antenna dishes to send and receive data – even from building to building.

Often, they are referred to as ‘line of sight’ connections, because they work better if there is nothing obstructing the direct path between the two dishes.

It’s Affordable!

While this technology might sound like it can cost an arm and a leg, it is surprisingly affordable.

Depending on your situation, the equipment for a simple point-to-point network can cost less than $200.00 (before installation).

Of course, as with all technology, prices vary widely. However, most homes and offices can purchase a point-to-point system for their purposes at about this price.




If you are intereseted in a point-to-point system, please consider contacting us at Priority IT Works to help you get set up. We build networks, offer helpdesk support and create strong security protocols for businesses across the Greater Syracuse Region.

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