Recently, Google has announced they are shutting down several programs. This has led to confusion about exactly what is happening and how it might affect users.

This article intends to clarify what Google changes are being made as well as ease the fears of their customers.

Is Google Deleting Gmail?

Lets get one thing straight…YOUR GMAIL IS NOT GOING AWAY!

Feel better now?


The main reason many people have mistakenly understood this to be the case is based off a poor naming choice on Google’s part. One of the projects they are sunsetting is styled Inbox by Google.

As opposed to your Gmail Inbox, Inbox by Google was a program they created to allow computer experts an opportunity to create a better Gmail App. The hope was that allowing individuals to build something unique would make them more pleased with their Gmail Experience.

It turns out Inbox by Google was underutilized, and the company has decided to move their priorities elsewhere.

But let me repeat…this will not affect your experience with Gmail.

Will I Notice Any Changes?

Google is shutting down several other operations they have and one of them might affect you.

Google+ is the social media part of your account. For those of you who don’t know, it acts like a combination of Yelp and Facebook.

This app never really took off and that seems to be the reason Google is shutting it down. Personally, I’ve tried to use Google+ several times and never found it all that appealing.


Google+ breaks down into two categories: Personal and Business.

The Personal pages are being removed, while Business will remain active in primarily the same fashion.

If you are a user of the Personal Google+ page you will need to download any data you might want to save by April 2, 2019. Learn how to do that here.

For Business pages, the only major change you need to be aware of is that you can no longer contact your followers (since they will no longer have the Personal pages you use to get in touch with them). The best resolution for this would be to send a message out ASAP alerting them to the other social media platforms you use so they can still follow you.

If you have any questions about the changes Google is making, or you have any other email issue, please feel free to Contact Us at Priority It Works with an email or phone call.