Preparing Gmail For a Quick Cleaning

Every once in a while it needs to happen.

Your Gmail inbox is a mess and it needs to get cleaned up.

But how are you supposed to sort through hundreds…even thousands…of junk emails?

Well, here is a quick tip.

Why Just Gmail?

Before we get started, a quick note.

This article will specifically be discussing a quick junk mail cleanup for Gmail Accounts.

However, this trick can pretty easily be transferred to most other email systems. The difference, usually, is that the correct window will be found under a different name.

Promotions Tab

To make cleaning you Gmail simple, just look for the word ‘Promotions’ at the top. It will be accompanied by a green price tag.

Here’s what it looks like:

Click on this tab and it will give you a list of everything that Gmail considers an advertising email.

Select All

On the top left of the screen, there will be an empty box which looks like this:

Click this box and it will select every email in the Promotions folder.

Simply right-click on any of the highlighted emails and select ‘Delete.’

Conclude Your Cleanup

There you have it, your Gmail inbox will now be rid of a significant amount of junk mail.

You’ll still have to go through all those important emails and file them individually, but the task will go a lot more smoothly having cut all the fat.

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