We all know that computers offer tons of different ways to do the same thing.

Often, these ‘shortcuts’ only add more work and we go back to our original, tried and true method of operating.

Well, I’m here to tell you that Keyboard Shortcuts are easy to learn and can make your daily computer activities a smoother process. These shortcuts are for Windows applications and can be used in the Office Suite as well as any Internet Browser.

Usually, these shortcuts are a combination of the Ctrl button and the first letter of the word which describes the action you wish to take.

Please note, Mac users can also use these shortcuts. Generally, you just replace the Ctrl button with Command.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the most convenient shortcuts.


Ctrl + C

Copying text is not difficult.

You highlight the words with your mouse, right click, scroll down to Copy.

However, if you want to get started in keyboard shortcuts, Copy is the place to begin.

You will still use your mouse to highlight, but instead of scrolling down, use your other hand to hit Ctrl + C.

I challenge you to do this the next three times you need to Copy. I wager you will quickly adapt and never look back.


Ctrl + X

After you get copying down, the next step is to Cut.

This process is the same as Copy, just a button over.

Press Ctrl + X and, poof, your text has been Cut.


Ctrl + V

Now that you have Copied or Cut some words, the next logical step is to Paste them.

Use your mouse to choose where you’d like to Paste. Simply click on Ctrl + V with your other hand and the text immediately appears. No need to Right Click or Scroll.

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Select All

Ctrl + A

Some of us frequently find articles we Copy and Paste into an email. Others might write blog posts in Word and want to transfer it to our website. In these and many other situations, you might need to Select All.

Well guess what, you don’t have to click and drag across the entire page! Instead, simply press Ctrl + A (think A for All) and suddenly your how page has been selected.

Keep one finger on Ctrl and move the other to C and you have an entire article Copied before you know it.


Ctrl + Z

Oops, you made a mistake!

No worries, simply press Ctrl + Z and your error has been undone.

If you went too far with the undoing, you can add your text back in by choosing Ctrl + Y.

Find in Page

Ctrl + F

This, in my opinion, is the most helpful of all the Keyboard Shortcuts.

If you are looking through a page that you know contains specific information, clicking Ctrl + F brings up the search box. Type in the word or phrase you are looking for and hit Enter.

Every instance of the word you are looking for has now been highlighted. This is particularly helpful when doing research on the interweb.

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Ctrl + I (or B or U)

Sometimes you need to emphasize what you’re writing. You can choose italics by pressing Ctrl + I.

Want to make it bold? Go with Ctrl + B.

How about a solid underlining? Just click Ctrl + U.

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