Our IT Team

Meet the IT Team dedicated to providing you premier managed services.

Jami Schmohe

Jami Schmohe

Founder, CEO

Jami Schmohe, Founder and CEO of Priority IT Works, has 5+ years of Information Technology experience. He received his degree in Business Economics and has a strong background in the service industry. He believes in combining the Information Technology industry and the Service industry in order to make our team’s services more accessible to the client.

Ryan Schmohe

Ryan Schmohe

Founder, President

Ryan Schmohe, Founder and President of Priority IT Works, has 10+ years of Information Technology experience. Ryan has a drive and passion for great customer service, which has allowed him to be a successful business owner.

Our Promise

“To provide solutions to your everyday business needs using the most effective and efficient technology available.”

-Priority IT Works

Our Values


The IT industry is part of the service industry. Therefore, we believe that Priority IT Works clients deserve the best service we can give them.


Everyone should want to come to work every day. If you don’t want to come to work, we’re not doing our job.


In order to keep up with an industry that is always innovating, our team always strives to follow new trends and learn new techniques.



We listen to our employees’ ideas and we all work together to make sure we stay ahead of the competition.

Our Vision

Priority IT Works seeks to provide concierge service in the Cloud by providing remote IT services for your business with an elite team of technical engineers offering the best customer service available in the industry.